I was the second owner of The Arcade Flyer Archive (TAFA) for seven years, but I let it go in 2012 due to extreme burnout, depression and my inability to transform the site the way I wanted.

The theme for my life in 2014 was to begin again and I was happy to launch Flyer Fever, a website dedicated to showcasing my personal collection of coin-operated video game flyers in 1,280 pixel resolution.

Now in 2021, I am proud to share the second version of Flyer Fever (now, Tumblr-free) where you can browse over 3,900 video game flyers dated from 1971 to 1991, with a few exceptions.

I’ve collected 44 flyers from 1992 and later because they promote re-releases and sequels for video games I loved in the seventies and eighties. Other flyers I collected because I like their unique visual designs.

Special thanks to

John Talarico, for inspiring me and motivating me to move forward with the second version of Flyer Fever despite my intimidation of not knowing PHP Programming. The successful launch of this site wouldn’t have been possible without his friendship, generosity and programming skills.

Tim Ferrante, for writing an article about collecting coin-op arcade game flyers called Flyer Fever! in the September 1999 issue of GameRoom Magazine. It was my first experience with Tim’s magazine and serves as the inspiration for this web site.

Sur-Gin. Without Gin’s time and dedication to managing auction bids, managing money transfers, receiving flyers and shipping flyers to me over the last eighteen years, my flyer collection wouldn’t be what it is today. This website is his as much as it is mine.

Bochake, who helped keep my data correct on early Japanese video games.